Smoke Ventilation Systems

A smoke ventilation system opens windows or smoke vents in the area of smoke detection - they must be tested on a regualr basis

Smoke Ventilation Systems 


A smoke extraction system whether linked to a fire alarm system or an independent system that actuates fans, opens windows or smoke vents in the area of the smoke detection, must be tested on a regular basis with the test results recorded, to ensure the system is fully functional in an emergency.


Normally installed on escape routes and higher risk areas. Your smoke system has been installed to ensure that any smoke is removed at the earliest stages of a fire and it is there for you and your staffs benifit. Ensure it will function when its needed. Call Firepoint-UK, we work all over London and Essex installing, maintaining and testing AOV equipment




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Did you know...


In 2011-12 there were 380 fire-related fatalities in Britain, of these 204 were deaths recorded by smoke or toxic fumes.


(UK Stats, Office for National Statistics 2013)

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