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Jalite Signs


Firepoint only sell quality equipment and exceptional services, that is why, when we supply, or supply and fit signage we specify JALITE. In our opinion Jalite are by far the best signage manufacturer on the market, click Here for a free sample and see for yourself why we are so proud to be associated with Jalite.


You can compromise on quality if you are confident that you are doing the best you can with your budget, however your budget would probably purchase the best if you contacted Firepoint-UK, WHY because we care, our motto -








JALITE AAA photoluminescent requires no electrical connection and will illuminate instantly when normal lighting fails.


JALITE AAA boasts excellent initial brightness and overall luminance performance, making it the ideal material for fire safety signs and life saving appliances.


Firepoint provide any Jalite sign you require Fire extinguisher identification signs come in various sizes and indicate exactly what the fire extinguisher can and can not be used on. An iD sign on the wall will help ensure the fire extinguisher is always in the correct position.





Jalite Signs