Training - Warden Awareness



It is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that employees are given fire safety training.

FIREPOINT-UK Ltd. is owned by an Ex-Fire officer, fire training is a requirement for all employees

It is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that employees are given fire safety training. The RRO states-


"You must provide adequate fire safety training for your staff. The type of training should be based on the particular features of your premises and should:

• Take account of the findings of the fire risk assessment;

• Explain your emergency procedures;

• Take account of the work activity and explain the duties and responsibilities of staff

• Take place during normal working hours and be repeated periodically where appropriate;

• Be easily understandable by your staff and other people who may be present; and

• Be tested by fire drills.


Here at Firepoint UK we take our training very seriously, however our instructors present the course in a friendly and relaxed manner, encouraging participation and exploring the candidates knowledge and weaknesses



Carried out on or off site for any number of candidates. The role of the fire warden will be discussed in detail, explaining the basics of fire, fire prevention and the fire wardens responsibilities.


The course will cover all aspects of fire safety including your action when the fire alarm sounds, a walk through the clients premises with the candidates where they will be ask to identify fire safety issues or potential risks that may contravene current regulations.


The nature of fire and fire prevention issues will be discussed. The importance of recording tests, visits and inspections in a fire log book and keeping the log book and and fire safety documents available for inspectionroll of the fire warden, recording tests etc. How to react in the event of an emergency situation, dealing with disabled staff and visitors and procedures and actions in the event of a fire.




Carried out on site for any number of candidates. Book our trainers for the day or half a day. Instruction will be informal and adapted to suit the knowledge and capabilities of the candidates attending.


Short powerpoints and videos are sometimes included in the fire training are available to use. Courses can be held at a suitable local venue. Candidates will be instructed on fire safety issues, their responsibilities and what to do on discovering a fire and/or hearing the fire alarm. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.



It is advisable that all employees attend at the minimum a fire awareness course. The more candidates that attend from a company the better the discount given.

Fire extinguisher training can be added to any other course if required.




Fire training on the safe use and identification of fire extinguishers carried out on-site for any number of candidates. Fire extinguishers are supplied for the use of the candidates, who will be able to see the capabilities and limitations of each type of fire extinguisher.


The candidate will be able to use the fire extinguishers and see for themselves the effectiveness of each type of fire extinguisher.


Our trainers are available for half or full days, numbers of, and type of staff to be instructed will be discussed before booking. The use of live fire may be available on your site, but external venues may have objections to using live fire.


Candidates are instructed when, and when not to tackle a fire. The type of extinguisher to safely use in a variety of dangerous situations. Our instructors are taken from Ex-fire service personell  who will share their experiences whilst working for the London Fire Brigade.

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