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Our stock includes every type of fire extinguisher, stands, trollies and cabinets. All safety signage and all fire fighting equipment from a stand pipe key and bar to a hose reel or fire pump.


Fire Extinguishers

Every workspace needs fire extinguishers The number and different types of extinguishers required will depend on the size of your premises and also the kind of fire risks related to your office, factory or warehouse but you will certainly need one or more of the following:


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguisher:

Ideal for all electrical risks and where oils and spirits etc are in use as it is harmless to delicate equipment and materials.

Foam Fire Extinguisher:

A good solution for multi-risk usage.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher: 

Will cool burning oils and reduce re-ignition of the flames.

Water Fire Extinguisher

A well performing, multiple purpose extinguisher.

Water Additive Fire Extinguisher:

Contains a powerful 'Eco-Spray' additive and works well where manual handling restrictions apply.

Powder Fire Extinguisher: 

Can tackle most fires which involve wood, paper, flammable liquids and electrics. Powder Fire extinguishers can also be used on vehicle fires and    can be stored in cars or commercial vehicles.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms are essential for every building in a business and should be tested weekly. We have a wide range of fire alarm systems, both battery and mains power operated. Visual alarms are also extremely useful for warehouses and factories as they offer a dual warning with the use of red LED technology as well as an audible alarm to draw the attention of all employees in its range.


Other Equipment:

Fire exit signs: 

are essential for all businesses to guide users to the correct exit. Firepoint supply emergency exit boxes and exit hanging signs which use long life LEDs for maximum durability in the case of a fire.

Emergency Lighting:
During a fire, there is an increased risk of the main power supply cutting out which means emergency lighting is necessary for employees and customers to exit safely. The Emergency lights provided by Firepoint will operate in emergency mode for up to 3 hours. 

Fire Blankets:
are essential in any kitchen to smother flames should the need arise. Available in a range of sizes and in either a hard or soft case, the blanket is accessed simply by pulling out of its container by the hand grips.

Fire Safety Logbooks and document storage cabinets:
It is essential to keep all fire documents that a fire officer would need, such as Fire Safety Logbooks containing fire equipment maintenance records and plans relating to the building, in a safe place such as a lockable fire safety document storage cabinet.

First Aid Kit:

Accidents can occur to anyone of us at any time, it is a requirement that you have a first aid kit available. This kit may have been used in the past and items may now be missing. The first aid kit should be checked on a regular basis and replenished as necessary.

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All business's have different requirements when it comes down to fire safety and health and safety, however there are some key pieces of fire safety equipment that every business needs whether they are in an office, a shop a factory or a building site.