The risk of fire is always with us, whether at work, or at home. The high standards of fire safety in the UK can blind us to our own responsibilities, to ensure we are safe in our homes and that our businesses are secure. Fire prevention and fire training are key aspects to being confident about potential fire hazards, but expert fire alarm choice, along with fire-alarm installation and maintenance, go a long way to giving us peace of mind.


Firepoint-UK Ltd. offers the perfect blend of expertise and commitment to quality. We are at one with our clients we understand what is required to keep your business safe from fire and we ensure the highest standard of commitment to our clients, large or small.

All of our works are carried out to the requirements of  the British Standards 5839-1: 2017 and 5839-6: 2019 & certificated to the same.




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Fire Safety


The fire alarm installed or required to be installed in your premises is there to protect your workers, your visitors, yourself and your property / workplace. A small fire could cause injury to persons involved, could stop the company from operating and may possibly develop into a larger fire that would cause the company to shut down and maybe never operate again.

Fire alarms are required to be tested by the owners representative on a weekly basis. They are required to be tested at least twice a year by a competent fire alarm company to ensure all aspects of the system are operating as required. Tests and faults/repairs are all to be noted in a fire log book.