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Firepoint-UK Ltd. pride ourselves in recognising and delivering CCTV solutions to fit all of our customers needs.Be it a basic stand alone camera and DVR recorder combination, or a more complex integrated system viewable world wide, we are able to offer a bespoke system to suit.


Stand alone systems are able to offer the flexibility of static or roaming cameras pre-programmed or client controlled. Most systems are able to offer the options of a viewing monitor and/or PC based view and control with the ability to monitor your systems from the World Wide Web being available.




All electronic security and surveillance equipment requires regular maintenance for it to remain effective. External systems would normally require servicing twice a year, internal systems just the once.


All equipment supplied by Firepoint-UK is covered by a manufacturers warranty, on condition that regular maintenance has been carried out. Further to this we offer an extended warranty whereby Firepoint will attend and remove your equipment, fit a replacement DVR or camera, and send your kit for repair. Should the equipment be un-repairable, we will replace it.




​​It is often not cost efficient to repair some electronic equipment due to the high costs involved, and the relatively low cost of new equipment. Here at Firepoint-UK we will endeavour to repair your equipment and offer temporary replacement equipment whilst repairs are being undertaken. Obviously we can not guarantee that your equipment can be repaired but we promise to investigate any problems and will offer and offer a price for repairs or replacement of the equipment.


Protect your family, your home and your cherised possessions. Firepoint have been installing CCTV system for over five years now and understand the importance of protecting your loved ones. CCTV is not only a deterent against wanton thugery and vandalism but the recorded image can if carried out correctly be used as evidence in a court of law