Professionally installed, maintained and monitored fire
and intruder alarm systems

24/7 Monitoring


In today’s demanding business environment, insurance companies police and fire authorities are recommending that installed alarms should be monitored. Our world class Alarm Receiving Centres provide a 24-hour alarm monitoring service, giving you total peace of mind.




We provide fire and  intruder alarm monitoring using BT Redcare, digital communicators, single/dual path grade 2 – 4 as well as IP signalling types, depending on your end users specific requirements.




How the system is set up dictates our response to the alarm signal – be it summon the fire service call the police (if a Unique Reference Number is attached) or simply call a keyholder. We will contact you or your representative immediately on any alarm. We liase with your site security or persons in charge and can attend the site for any eventuallity from a break in to secure site or to silence a faulty fire alarm panel.





Fire Alarm and CCTV Monitoring



We recommend in all cases, that fire alarm systems are connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre, so that the fire service, or your nominated personell can be imediatelly contacted to either call the fire brigade or act upon your preset procedures, on your behalf, minimising damage and potentially saving live’s.



Our alarm receiving centre responds to detector activated CCTV system alerts using the acclaimed Immix platform. They utilise data networks such as ADSL and 3G to relay alarm images from the secure premises to our monitoring centre. The information provided by alarm images produced from detector activated CCTV cameras on the site will determine the course of action to be taken by our operators.


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