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All our staff are ex London Fire Officers and have over 30 years
industry experience.

Welcome to FirePoint UK, Fire Alarms

Firepoint-UK started as a company, installing and maintaining fire extinguishers, and fire alarms, providing a reliable, professional service to clients in the South East. Today we at Firepoint still offer that dedicated service, and so much more, to new and existing customers alike. Why not give us a call,we can probably save your company some money on the service and maintenance of your fire alarm and your fire extinguishers

Firepoint-UK offers the perfect blend of expertise and commitment to quality. With personnel drawn from the Fire Service who have profound experience and hands-on knowledge, and a commitment to regular training and up-dating in the latest systems and techniques, Firepoint-UK is dedicated to achieving the highest level of fire safety and security for all our customers, large or small.

Our range of services covers fire alarm service installation and maintenance, fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment. This triple focus means that we have an overview of all your fire safety requirements, at work or home, and can provide you with a seamless solution for all your safety needs. We stand ready to serve you – from basic domestic fire alarms to a fully integrated analogue addressable fire alarm system, you can rely on Firepoint-UK Ltd.

The risk of fire is always with us, whether at work, or home. The high standards of fire safety in the UK can blind us to our own responsibility to ensure we are safe in our homes and that our businesses are secure. Fire prevention and fire training are key aspects to being confident about potential fire hazards, but expert fire alarm choice, along with fire-alarm installation and maintenance, go a long way to giving us peace of mind.

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