Firepoint-UK Ltd.

 are fire alarm installers  based in Colchester, Essex and caring for our clients on call 24 hours a day.

We design, install, commission, service and maintain fire alarm systems all to the requirements of

BS5839-1:2017 & BS5839-6:2019. All our works are certificated as required. Fire alarm systems and related

equipment is required to be tested at least twice a year by competent fire alarm companies. Our service

agreements start at £199.00 per year this covers two attendances and certification.

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Welcome to Firepoint-UK

The risk of fire is always with us, whether at work, or  at home. The high standards of fire safety in the UK can blind us to our own responsibility to ensure we are safe in our homes and that our businesses are secure. Fire prevention and fire training are key aspects to being confident about potential fire hazards, but expert fire alarm choice, along with fire-alarm installation and maintenance, go a long way to giving us peace of mind.

Firepoint are dedicated to achieving the highest level of fire safety for our customers, large or small. 


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Firepoint-UK Ltd. is Dedicated to

Fire Safety

I am Martin Harrison, an Ex fire officer, I care about fire and firesafety, its not all about earning money and having clients.

After twenty years in the London Fire Brigade and working at some of the busiest stations in London I am committed to

serving everyone, I care and advise wherever it is necessary to promote fire prevention and fire safety awareness. There

is still the attitude out there that  "it`ll never hapen to me"  and hopefully it never will!

We are dedicated  to achieving the highest level of fire safety and security for all our customers, large or small