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On call 24 hours a day, Firepoint UK Ltd. are specialists in the design, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems. We are also experts in fire extinguisher installations and offer practical courses including fire extinguisher choice and use, fire awareness, and fire marshal training.

Fire Alarms

We install & maintain fire alarms to ensure your business complies with current fire safety regulations...

Fire Extinguishers

We supply and commission fire extinguishers from industry leading manufacturers...

Other Fire Equipment

We supply a large range of fire safety equipment, including fire extingushers, hoses & H&S signage...

Our Courses

Fire Awareness Training

This course covers the basics of fire safety: what to do if there is a fire, evacuation procedures and preventing a fire...

Fire Extinguisher Training

On this course, candidates will learn how to identify different types and uses of fire extinguishers, and how to operate one...

Fire Marshal Training

This course involves learning about the responsibilities and duties of a fire marshal, and how to complete a fire risk assessment...

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Ensure your business always complies with its legal obligation to train employees in the importance of fire safety in the workplace. Our training staff are all ex-fire officers with extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of fire safety and fire-fighting.

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All our engineers have vast knowledge & experience


We are certified fire extinguisher engineers


You can call us for a free, no obligation quote


We guarantee our fire extinguishers for 5 years


We are on call 24 hours a day

What Our Customers Say


"I frequently use Firepoint UK Ltd to carry out my fire risk assessments and staff fire training."

Stuart Hill - Prestige Fire Solutions

What Our Customers Say


"Martin has developed Firepoint UK Ltd to be a leading fire safety company with a reputation in providing quality."

John Kiely Bsc (Hons) MIF - Managing Director LFCDA

What Our Customers Say


"Great service from a great company. Highly recommended!"

Linda Barnes - Hair and Now

What Our Customers Say


"My fire alarm was sounding so I needed an immediate response. Excellent!"

Madeline Thomas - client

What Our Customers Say


"Service and value is exceptional! Need I say more?"

Anthony Bennett - Drastic Design

What Our Customers Say


"I had never dealt with Firepoint UK before and had no account with them, yet they were prepared to help me out. I could not ask for more."

Russel Marsay - Satisfied customer

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